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Christmas Festival

Go to www.CasselmanFestival.ca to see all the details of the Casselman Christmas Festival. The dates of the next edition will be announced in 2021.

The Casselman Christmas Festival was established in 2008. Its mission: to increase the centretown’s vitality, encourage local businesses, attract tourists to Casselman and neighbouring communities, and create a feeling of belonging to the community.

Festival de Noel 2009 Casselman (MFP) 420This festival, which takes place at the beginning of December, is the “baby” and pride of the Casselman Revitalization Committee. “This is what ensures the committee’s continuity. The community has stated loud and clear that it cherished its festival, and that’s important, explains Mrs. LeBlanc, former President. The festival reunites people, brings pride to its residents and a closeness that could not occur without this kind of event.”

You cannot mention the Christmas Festival without also mentioning the Christmas Market. Today, the 15 booths (built by carpentry students of the Casselman Catholic High School and L’Académie de la Seigneurie de Casselman) remain the focus point, attracting visitors to the centretown; the hotspot for meeting people and other discoveries. We can find local products such as clothing, candies, beer, and more to satisfy any appetite. Not far from these little wooden structures, children and adults have fun:  the Street Hockey Tournament has become one of the festival’s flagship activities.

For history lovers and foodies, the annual visit to Casselman’s ancestral homes is an activity not to be missed. From home to home, visitors explore the enchanting beauty and short history of these ancestral homes, all the while tasting dishes prepared by chefs. This activity was first launched in 2012, and has become quite popular with tourists.

Festival de Noel 2009 Casselman (MFP) 204Over the years, the Christmas Festival committee received funding totaling $174,748 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ministry of Culture. The organizers were able to purchase new Christmas decorations, bleachers, fencing for street hockey and invite professional artists. This year, $40,000 was added from the Ministry of Culture which will be used for maintenance of kiosks, the multitude of Christmas decorations, etc. In 2012, a theme was chosen for the event: Under the stars. Luminous stars and thousands of small lights shone festively along the streets of Casselman’s centretown.

Since its inception, the residents of Casselman and the surrounding areas have had the opportunity to attend great concerts at the church. Stars such Marie-Michèle Desrosiers, Annie Villeneuve, Johanne Blouin, Maxime Landry and Bruno Pelletier were front and centre providing quality events.

“The volunteers and sponsors have played and continue to play an important role in the accomplishments and continuity of the festival. Without them, this great event could not take place”, concludes Mrs. LeBlanc.